Sunday, May 28

Video: Music Mending Minds

Through organizations such as Music Mends Minds and TimeOut at UCLA, students spend time with senior citizens with various types of dementia. These sessions not only serve as therapy for the seniors, but also teach students the importance of senior-student relationships.

Tea Tunes: AJ Jaramaz

The third installment of Tea Tunes features AJ Jaramaz, a fourth-year English and music industry student, performing his song titled “Church.” More »

Tea Tunes: Lorelei Carlson

The second installment of Tea Tunes features Lorelei Carlson, a fourth-year gender studies student, performing her song titled “Sunset Boulevard” off her EP “Dopamine.” More »

Video: Sights and sounds from the March for Science LA

Tens of thousands gathered in Pershing Square on Saturday to participate in the March for Science LA. The event was not only a call for governance to acknowledge scientific evidence and expertise in the decision making process – it was also a celebration of growth, innovation and progress. More »

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