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About the Daily Bruin Editorial Board

Mission Statement

The Daily Bruin Editorial Board acts as the official voice of the newspaper and publishes editorials about topics relevant to UCLA twice a week, on every Monday and Thursday during the school year.

The board is composed of five sitting members and several long-standing staff representatives who meet to discuss issues on campus and within the larger University of California system. Editorial positions are determined by majority vote and unsigned editorials represent the majority opinion of the newspaper.

The members of the board believe an independent and accessible student press is critical to ensuring a well-informed student population. As part of the Daily Bruin’s commitment to its readers, the board hopes to present a responsible and clear analysis of relevant events and news items affecting the lives of those we serve.

The board stands behind the preservation of the University’s academic mission, especially in the wake of years of state divestment in public higher education. The board believes that administration, at all levels, should be held accountable to students, faculty and staff. Similarly, a watchful eye must be cast on the actions of elected student officers to hold them accountable to the best interests of their constituents.

Editorials are intended to serve as the jumping point, and not the conclusion, to discussion. We encourage all readers to reach out to our board members and to respond to our editorials.

The Board

Tanner Walters is the editor in chief of the Daily Bruin for the 2016-2017 school year. Previously, he was an assistant editor in the Sports section, covering UCLA Athletics for two years.
Mackenzie Possee is the 2017-2018 Daily Bruin editor in chief. She was an assistant Photo editor from 2016-2017.
Anjishnu Das is the managing editor of the Daily Bruin. Over the past three years, he has worked as a copy editor, most recently as the assistant Copy chief.
Madeleine Pauker is an assistant News editor and the incoming managing editor. She has covered the City beat, writing about crime and Westwood.

Emaan Baqai is the Daily Bruin’s digital managing editor, most recently serving as The Bruin’s Design director. She also has experience as a writer within the Arts & Entertainment section.

Emily McCormick is the Daily Bruin’s incoming 2017-2018 digital managing editor. She currently works as an assistant editor in the Arts & Entertainment section.
Chris Campbell is the Opinion editor at The Bruin. Previously, his roles within the organization have been as the Radio director and as an Opinion columnist.
Keshav Tadimeti is an assistant editor within the Opinion section. He is the incoming Opinion editor and contributed previously as a columnist.
Alejandra Reyes-Velarde is the Daily Bruin News editor. She previously worked as an assistant editor within the section, covering Academics in 2015-2016.
Rupan Bharanidaran is a reporter within the News section and the incoming News editor. He specialized in student government and campus politics this past year.
Catherine Liberty Feliciano is both an Opinion and News senior staffer. She has experience most recently as an assistant editor in Opinion.
Roberto Luna Jr. is a News senior staffer. He previously worked as an assistant editor in the section, covering Westwood, local politics and crime.
Emily Merz is an Opinion columnist at The Bruin. She previously contributed as a News reporter covering campus politics.
Ankita Nair is an Opinion columnist, who has written on topics like pre-medical student resources for The Bruin.
Abhishek Shetty is a columnist in the Opinion section. While he has written on a wide variety of topics, he focuses on USAC and the UCLA administration.
Lindsay Weinberg is the 2017-2018 content editor for prime magazine. Previously, she spent one year as the Daily Bruin’s Arts and Entertainment editor and one as the section’s Lifestyle editor.

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